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TECO Drive Smart EV Charging Pilot Program to Install 200+ EV Charging Stations

December 3, 2022

The Tampa Electric (TECO) Drive Smart EV pilot program makes electric vehicles (EVs) and charging stations more accessible throughout the region! Through this four-year program, TECO will install, own, and maintain more than 200 EV chargers at existing customer locations, providing easier ways to take advantage of greener transportation. The company will install chargers to serve five market segments - workplace, public/retail, multi-unit dwellings, income-qualified, and government - to ensure diverse and equitable usage. 

“The pilot program offers an opportunity for business customers to install an EV charger for their customers and employees at little or no installation cost,” said Kenneth Hernandez, business development manager for Tampa Electric.

How to participate in the Drive Smart EV program:

If you're a business interested in hosting a plug-in electric vehicle charging station at your location, you can apply using this link. Applications are now open and approved parties will receive up to $5,000 to go toward equipment and installation costs.

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