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Electricity is increasingly being used to power vehicles and other transportation modes. Electricity is derived from a variety of sources including coal, oil, nuclear, and renewables, and can be used as an alternative to conventional gasoline or diesel by fully or partially powering a vehicles.

Battery-electric or all-electric vehicles charge their batteries by drawing electricity directly from the grid and other off-board electrical power sources. Electricity is stored n the battery, which must be recharged by plugging the vehicle into outside power sources.

Plug-in hybrid vehicles use a battery to power an electric motor and conventional fuel to power an internal combustion engine. Plug-in hybrids are able to be plugged into the grid to charge the abttery, and once the battery is depleted, the internal combustion engine is used.

Hybrid electric vehicles are fueled with both petroleum-based fuels and also use smaller battery systems to recapture energy during braking and improving fuel economy.



Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE)

EVSE is used to charge plug-in electric vehicles. There are three types of EVSE: Level 1, Level 2, and Direct Current (DC) Fast Charging.

Level 1 uses alternating current and a standard 120 V outlet. This is the slowest charging option, and typically provides a vehicle with 2 - 5 miles of range per hour of charging.

Level 2 provides higher power charging compared to Level 1, supplying a vehicle with 10 - 20 miles of range per hour of charging using a 240 V outlet. Level 2 charging is used to workplace, residential, and public charging stations.

DC Fast Charging uses direct current to supply a vehicle with 50 - 70 miles of range in less than 20 minutes to enable rapid charging.

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Member Fleets Using Electric Vehicles

  • City of Largo

  • Duke Energy

  • EPC of Hillsborough County

  • Hillsborough County

  • PSTA

  • Sarasota County

  • Tampa International Airport

  • TECO Energy

  • University of South Florida

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usf electric
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Duke electric
Largo electric

PSTA Charges Ahead with Electric Transit Buses

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